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Provider Profile Updates

To update your education, board certifications, hospital affiliations, clinical interests and specialties, please see below. 

To update your Education, Board Certifications, or Hospital Affiliation(s), please contact the Medical Staff Credentials Verification Office at (310) 794-0440 or CVO Director, Jennifer Siguenza at

To update your Clinical Interests, go to for additional information or contact the Patient Communication Center by phone at (310) 301-5383 or by email at  Please note that the web team works with referral nurses from Communication Center to match your clinical interests from the 800-UCLA-MD1 call center to the online physician directory

The specialty field generally comes from the list of ABMS specialties and subspecialties.  This data comes from the UCLA Medical Group's "directory specialty" field.  To make changes to your specialty, please contact the Provider Relations Office at (310) 302-1341 or by email at

For more information about updating your UCLA Health provider profile, visit
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