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Patient Experience Video Submission
Patient Experience Video Contest
Please join us by participating in the Patient Experience Video Contest. We invite all of our employees, faculty and volunteers to create and share their excitement with a short video clip that demonstrates with the most creativity, why and how your team creates the biggest impact on improving health, alleviating suffering and delivering acts of kindness.
  • Demonstrate your team’s creativity and clearly show via video how the team’s actions have a clear impact on improving health, alleviating suffering and/or delivering acts of kindness.
  • Do not include patients or PHI (protected health information) in the video
  • Videos to be submitted by unit based or multi-disciplinary teams of 10 people or less
  • Videos should be appropriate for all audiences
  • Videos should be 2 minutes or less
  • All UCLA Health and DGSOM employees, physicians and volunteers are eligible to participate
Please use the form below submit your video. You can upload files up to 50MB here. For video files larger than 50MB, please use and send it to Please contact us at if you have any questions. Thank you.
1. Upload Video