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Ambulatory Float Pool Request

We are pleased that you have chosen to select the Ambulatory Float Pool to assist with the coverage needs in your department! All Ambulatory Float Pool requests must be submitted by completing this form. Once your request is submitted, you will receive a response within 48 hours.

All of our staff members are UCLA employees and have all completed the following: 

•    A Talent Plus Assessment
•    Submitted references
•    Cleared a Livescan
•    Completed a skills assessment of Microsoft Office
•    Cleared a new hire physical
•    Attended a new hire paperwork session
•    Care Connect courses in compliance with their working job title 

(additional courses may be required depending on the assignments to follow)

Cancellation Policy

If you end an assignment prematurely,  please provide our department with a (1) week notice (*unless another time frame is agreed upon with the manager and our department).